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nda past questions on use of english 2011

Section A - Comprehension, Section B - Lexis and Structure

Answer all questions in your Answer Sheet

InstructionRead the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow it. From the four options lettered A to D given in each question, choose one which most accurately reflects the meaning of the passage, and shade your answer sheet accordingly. 

     A short puff of wind extinguished the candle I was carrying. Laying it carefully down at my feet so that I could easily find it again in the dark. I quickly went through my pockets to see if I still had the box of matches which I had thoughtfully put there that morning when I set out to explore the cave. But a thorough search revealed nothing with which to re-light the candle and left me desperately trying to recall how the matches could have gone astray. I then remembered that, half an hour before I had taken a short rest and eaten a bar of chocolate. While doing so, I had rested the candle on a convenient rock in order to leave my hand free to unwrap the chocolate, and just as now, a breath of wind had made the candle flicker and finally go out. It was then that I had the occasion to use my matches and I can only suppose that I had thoughtlessly felt the box on the rock where the candle had been standing. I. reckoned that. I must be about half a mile from the entrance and that the only thing for it was to grope my way back again. About an hour later, bruised from my frequent collisions with projecting rocks. I stumbled into the daylight. The first thing I thought of was a cigarette. Instinctively, l drew out my lighter from my trouser pocket. It was only when I had it in my hand that I realized what a fool I had been.

1. Why did the Writer take a box of matches into the cave with him?

A. because he was thoughtful
B. because he needed it in exploring the cave
C. in order to relight his candle, should it go out
D. because he envisaged the wind

2. Which of the alternatives has the same meaning as the following word or phrase as they appear in the passage? "Gone Astray"

A. got lost
B. been misplaced
C. gotten missing
D. been thrown away

3. "The only thing for it means

A. the alternative
B. the only alternative
C. the last option
D. the one choice

4. In what condition did the writer return?

A. he returned stumbling out into the light
B. he returned feeling foolish and thoughtless
C. he returned bruised and tired
D. he returned longing for a cigarette

5. Why did the writer realize that he had been a fool?

A. because he had lost his box of matches
B. because he had allowed his candle to go out
C. because he had bruised himself from the constant collisions with the projecting rocks
D. because he had foolishly thought he had nothing with Which to relight the candle when he had his lighter all the while

6. Which of the alternatives is opposite in meaning to these words or phrases in the passage? "Flicker"

A. glow steadily
B. burn steadily
C. burn out
D. blow out

7. ''Instinctively''
A. thoughtfully
B. thoughtlessly
C. carefully
D. at once

8. "Stumbled'
A. staggered
B. walked uprightly
C. steadily
D. dazedly

9. Which of the following alternatives is the same as: "A short puff of wind"

A. A gentle wind
B. A small breeze
C. A breath of wind
D. A hiss of breeze

10. "To grope"

A. to walk slowly
B. to find the way by feeling it with your hand
C. carefully
D. to search


Instructions: Choose from alternatives A-D, which is the most appropriate interpretation for each sentence

11. The Accountant falsified records in order to feather his own nest. This means that the Accountant tried to ___.

A. Deceive his Boss
B. Put a feather in his cap
C. Make himself rich
D. Avenge a wrong done to him by his Boss.

12. The Cashier wanted to pull the wool over my eyes by making me sign for the money I did not receive. This means that the cashier wanted to

A. deceive me
B. blindfold
C. rub my eyes with cotton wool
D. have my support

13. The man's decision to withdraw his daughter from school because of her

misbehaviour really amount to cutting off his own nose to spite his face. This means that
A. the decision does not affect the daughter
B. it will cause the man pain to his nose and face
C. The decision does the man no good at all
D. The decision will make the daughter sober

14. The officer urged the soldiers to gird their loins for the task ahead. This means that the soldiers should

A.  wake up early the next morning
B.  guard heir hungry lions
C.  wear a new battle uniform
D.  be on full alert

From the alternatives A-D, choose the word nearest in meaning to the underlined word.

15. The journalist refused to divulge the source or his information

A.  confirm
B.  inform
C.  disclose
D.  Affirm

16. Asabe was sceptical about the story Ladidi told her

A.  ignorant
B.  doubtful
C.  confused
D.  convinced

17. The lawyer remarked that the fact that the accused did nothing when the innocent boy was being lynched made him culpable.

A.  liable
B.  untrustworthy
C.  guilty
D.  Blameworthy

18. Spain was once a very powerful nation but her influence has waned over the years

A.  disappeared
B.  repealed
C.  diminished
D.  re-appeared

19.    The politician made a very scurrilous remark about his opponent

A.  mild
B.  intolerable
C.  false
D. sharp

In each of the following questions, there is a word or group of words underlined. Choose from the word or group of words almost opposite in meaning to the underlined word.

20. The birth of the disabled girl beautified the family.

A.  discomposed
B.  discredited
C.  disappointed
D.  disintegrated

21. The warder has an antipathy towards juvenile prisoners.

A. sympathy
B.  affection
C.  apathy
D.  inclination

22. Mallam Khalil is covetous of his neighbour's horse

A.  indifferent
B.  insensitive
C.  envious
D. inconsiderate

23.  Despite his father's discouragement, the young man opted for a military career.

A.  warning
B.  exhortation
C. intervention
D.  commendation

24. The rain turned the football match into a success.

A.  spectacle
B.  festival
C.  fiasco
D.  ceremony

25. The enemies subdued our soldiers without much resistance.

A.  capitulated to
B.  agreed with
C.  conferred with
D.  benefited from

26.  The spirit of the old saint soared to empyrean heights as he gazed at the dwell.

A. hellish
B.  earthly
C.  mundane
D.  global

27. The aroma of fresh fish pepper soup stimulates my salivary glands.

A.  odour
B.  glamour
C   stench
D.  appearance

In questions 28 to 37, choose the word(s) or phrase(s) which best fill(s) the gap(s)

28. When I met Amadi yesterday it was the first time I ......him for six months.

A.  had seen
B.  saw
C.  have seen
D.  have been

29. A student's natural ability should be a       factor in his choosing a course of

study at the university
A.  determined
B.  determining
C.  determinant
D.  determinate

3. Many unrelated issues were touched upon in the          of the discussion.

A. cause
B. course
C.  coarse
D.  curse

31. The traveler had to run            in order to ..... the train

A. first/catch
B. fast/cash
C.  fast/catch
D.  first cash

32. When the driver lost control of his vehicle the pedestrians began to run for    _     .

A.  their dear lives
B.  their dear life 
C. dear lives
D.  dear life

33. My uncle is one of the .......of the society

A.  elitists
B.  elites
C.  elite
D.  elitist

34. The new singlet factory is built on the                of Aba township.

A. outstretch
B. outskates 
C. outskirts 
D. outskirt

.  If Kaka hadn't tried to stand up in the boat, he       .      
A. wouldn't have fallen
B.  will not
C. will not have fallen
D.  wouldn't have fell

36. The soldiers were sufficiently equipped with       boys

A.  arms and ammunition
B.  arms and ammunitions
C.  arm and ammunitions
D.  arm and ammunition

37. My younger brother is going to the stream with           boys.

A.  two other little
B.  other little two
C.  two little other
D.  other two little

In each of questions 38 to 40, select the option that best explains the information conveyed in the sentence.

38. In spite of his humble beginning. Audu now throws his weight around.

A.  Despite his obvious poverty. Audu is a proud man
B.  Audu is arrogant despite his simple upbringing
C.  From his poor background. Audu is now a rich man
D.  His noble birth notwithstanding, Audu is a corrupt man

39. Ngozi has always considered her father to be an impassioned man.

A. Her lather is an emotional man
B. Her father is a very strict man
C. Her father is a very lively man
D. Her father is a disciplined man

40. The manager paid us in hard currency.

A.  We were paid in foreign currency
B.  We were paid in dollars and pound sterling
C.  We were paid in a strong and stable currency
D.  We were paid in new notes


1. C
2. B
3. B
4. C
5. A
6. C
7. C
8. A
9. C
10. B
11. C
12. A
13. C
14. D
15. C
16. B
17. C
18. C
19. B
20. B
21. B
22. A
23. D
24. D
25. B
26. B
27. A
28. C
28. B
30. B
31. C
32. A
33. B
34. D
35. A
36. B
37. A
38. C
39. B
40. A


This paper is divided into three sections (Comprehension lexis and Structure)
Answer all questions in your answer sheets

Instructions: There is a passage in this Section, and it is followed by questions. From the four options lettered A to D given in each question, choose one which most accurately reflects the meaning of the passage, and shade your answer sheet accordingly.

                                       PASSAGE I
        Deforestation has serious consequences. it leads to soil erosion which was an underlying cause of Ethiopia's famine. Crops of maize are planted on 45 degrees slopes without terraced. Within three or four seasons, the topsoil has been washed away by the torrential rains, and the hill is useless for farming.
        Another consequence is more subtle forests held on to moisture and are essential factors of rainfall through transpiration. Extensive deforestation may have exacerbated the drought in Africa: fewer forests mean less rainfall and desertification.
        For the key and pushed down on the lower, flatter bush country its chances of successful farming are little better. Here the soil is dry as dust; it needs careful management if it’s to produce food. But the newly arrived shamba farmers don't have the experience to farm effectively. There isn't enough rainfall down here to grow more. So, it has to be more hardy grains like millet and sorghum. In years of severe drought, even those grains do not produce a good harvest and malnutrition in these areas is an increasing problem.
        The real energy crisis is in wood, not oil. Trees are falling faster than nature or man is replacing them. This drier land is really much better suited to grazing cattle or goats, but it's so easy to overgraze. When the sparse vegetation is made even sparser, the topsoil is liable to blow away. Soil erosion on the marginal land is as bad as on the hills.

1. Deforestation has had serious consequences in Africa. One of such is __.
A. Soil erosion
B. Ethiopia’s famine
C. Torrential rainfall
D. Drought

2. Another less obvious but serious consequence of deforestation is ___
A. drought
B. drought and desertification
C. less rainfall
D. soil erosion

3. Which of these is not true according to the passage.
A. Torrential rains render the hills useless for farming
B. Extensive deforestation intensified drought in Africa
C. Grains like millet and sorghum are more suitably grown in drought seasons
D. The sparser the vegetation, the easier it is for the top soil to be blown away

4. Which of these is true according to the passage.
A. The fast felling of trees is causing real energy crisis
B. Chances of successful farming are better on the higher than the lower lands
C. Soil erosion is worse on the hills
D. The shamba farms have the experience of farming on the lower country

5. Which of these words can be used in place of ‘’exacerbated’’
A. aggravated
B. lessened
C. worst
D. alleviate

                         PASSAGE II
The passage below has gaps numbered 6 to 15. Immediately following each gap, four options are provided. Choose the most appropriate option for each gap.

         It is the business of the scientist to accumulate knowledge about the universe and all that is in it, and to find, if he is able, common...6... [A. experiments B. instruments C. approaches D. factors] which underlie and account for the facts that he knows. He chooses, when he can, the method of the controlled common ...7... [A. respondents B. experiment C. System D. data]. If he wants to find out the effect of light on growing plants, he takes
many plants, as alike as possible. Some he stands in the sun, some in the shade, some in the dark; all the time keeping all other ...8... [ A. studies   B. procedures C. objects D. conditions] (temperature, moisture, nourishment) the same. In this way, by keeping other variables...9... [ A. constant B. good C. dark D. natural] and by varying the light only, the effect of light on plants can be clearly seen. This ... 10... [A. research B. method C. tool  D. rationale] of using 'controls' can be applied to a variety of situation and can be used to find the answers to questions as widely different as must moisture be present
if...11... [A. an alloy B. gold C. bar D. iron] is to rust? And which variety of beans gives the greatest yield in one ...12... [ A. climate B. period C. season D. weather]?
        In the course of his ...13... [A. findings B. queries C. experiment D. inquiries].
The scientist may find what he thinks is one common explanation for an increasing number of facts. The explanation, if it seems consistent to fit the various facts, is called ...14... [ A. an antithesis B. a principle C. a thesis   D. a hypothesis]. If this continues to stand the test of numerous experiments and remains unshaken, it becomes a ...15... [ A. deduction   B. law  C. notion  D. thesis].


Instructions: From alternative A-D, choose the word or group of words then are opposite or almost opposite in meaning to the underlined word.

16. He has shown himself to be quite an amiable character.
A. aggressive
B. antagonistic
C. friendly
D. peaceful

17. The chaotic manner she conducted things put everyone off.
A. hazardous
B. organized
C. simple
D. messed up

18.  There was an abundance of rainfall last year.
A. insufficient
B. death
C. shortfall
D. inappropriate

19. The preacher gave a purely self-denouncing speech
A. sanctimonious
B. selfish
C. selfless
D. righteous

20. The school teacher curries himself with an air of indolence.
A. laziness
B. dexterity
C. ingenuity
D. difference

21. The measures that are being taken will alleviate the pressures on us a Nation.
A. deflate
B. account for
C. aggravate
D. discount

22. The ambassador was subjected to a servile treatment throughout his incarceration.
A. prestigious
B. diplomatic
C. gigantic
D. gracious

 23. The lady seemed quite aware of everything around
A. watchful
B. oblivious
C. notified
D.    Blank

24. The diet looked repulsive initially, I almost gave up.
A. attractive
B. repelling
C. repugnant
D. reputable

25. He is often regarded as an eccentric man
A.  unconventional
B.  conventional
C.  insane
D.  likeable

In each of questions 26 to 35, select the option that best explains the information conveyed in the sentence.

26.  If l left the country, I would arrange for my family to join me.
A. He left the country and his family joined him.
B. In the event of his leaving the country, his family would join him.
C. He did not leave the country and his family did not join him.
D. He may not leave the country.

27.  A state of mutual hatred existed for years between the two villages of Umuna and Ogboma.
A. Umuna hated Ogboma
B. Ogboma hated Umuna
C. Ogboma and Umuna hated themselves
D. Umuna and ogboma hated each other.

28.  The painting in the museum was beautifully faked.
A. The painting was a good deceptive replica
B. The painting was well-framed and displayed
C. The painting was deceptively decorated in the museum
D. The painting was carefully hung in the museum.

29.  Ade: Do you mind if I sit down here? Bola: Well, yes l do actually.
A. Bola is reluctantly granting the request.
B. Bola is willingly accepting the request
C. Bola is certainly rejecting the request
D. Bola is objecting to the request.

30.  The President held forth for several minutes on the need for patriotism.
A. The President was silent for some minutes when patriotism was being discussed.
B. The President whispered a few things about patriotism
C. The President spent time saying a few things about Patriots
D. The President gave a rather long speech on the importance of patriotism.

31.  The slide in the price of gold in the world market has left the industry reeling
A. The gradual fall in gold price is making the industry unstable
B. The stability in gold price is making the industry stagnant
C. The decline in gold price is making the industry redundant
D. The increase in gold price is making the industry boom.

32.  Fabricated statements published as truths amount to an abuse of press freedom.
A. To make known what is not true is aggressive to press freedom.
B. Publishing formulated untruths are misused press freedom
C. unplanned publicized untruths are misused of the freedom of the press
D. Press freedom is based on published untruths.

33.  The expected guests arrived at the eleventh hour.
A. The guests arrived at the last minute.
B. The guests arrived at 11 o'clock
C. The guests arrived at the expected time
D. The guests arrived eleven hours behind schedule.

34.  After addressing the court for two hours, the defence counsel rested her case.
A. The defence counsel was tired after speaking for two hours, so she took a break
B. The judge adjourned the defence counsel's case after listening for two hours
C. The defence counsel concluded her defence after speaking for two hours
D. The judge advised the defence counsel to rest after two hours of address.

35.  Benjamin exclaimed, 'If it is Napoleon who said, it must be right'
A. Benjamin never believes what Napoleon says
B. Benjamin does not know what is right unless Napoleon always says.
C. Benjamin believes Napoleon to be right.
D. Benjamin thinks that Napoleon always says the right thing.

In each of the questions 36-40, fill each gap with the most appropriate option from the list provided.

36. I do not think any sane person would have acted in such a ….. [A. rational B.
composed C. secret D. cruel] manner.

37. Neither Agbo nor his parents ..... [A. attended B. attend C. has attended D. attends] the meetings now

38. Modern dancing has become rather scientific and so requires.... [A bizarre costuming B. some choreographic skill C. immense instrumentation D. a rapping voice]

39. Had he considered his public image carefully, he ... [A. might have stood aside B. would have stepped aside C. should have stepped down D. would have stood down] for his opponent in the election.

40. The government which .... recruiting ... [A. are/its  B. was/its C. is/their D. were/their] workers suddenly stopped doing so.


1.   A
2.   C
3.   C
4.   C
5.   A
6.   D
7.   D
8.   D
9.   A
10. B
11. D
12. A
13. A
14. D
15. A
16. B
17. B
18. C
19. A
20. C
21. C
22. A
23. B
24. A
25. B
26. B
27. D
28. A
29. B
30. C
31. A
32. B
33. A
34. C
35. D
36. D
37. B
38. B
39. B
40. B