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This paper is divided into 2 sections:
Section A — Comprehension, Section B - Lexis and Structure.
Answer all questions in your Answer Sheet.

Instruction: Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow it.

All over the world till lately, and in most of the wand still today, mankind has been following the course of nature, that is to say, it has been breeding up to the maximum. To let nature, take her extravagant course in the reproduction of the human race may have made sense in an age in which we were letting her take her course in decimating mankind by the casualties of war, pestilence and famine.
Being human, we have at last revolted against that senseless waste. We have started to impose on nature's heartless play a humane new order of our own. But. once man has begun to interfere with nature, he cannot afford to stop half way. We cannot with impunity cut down the death-rate and at the same time allow the birth-rate to go on taking nature's course. We. must consciously try to establish an equilibrium or sooner or later, famine will stack abroad again.

1. The author observed that
A. war, pestilence and famine were caused by the extravagance of nature
B. nature was heartless and senseless
C. there was a time when uncontrolled birth made sense
D. it was wise at a time when mankind did not interfere with normal reproduction

2. Which of these statements does not express the opinion of the author?
A. Mankind has started to interfere with the work of nature
B. Mankind should not have the maximum number of children possible
C. Mankind should take care of its children
D. Man's present relationship with nature in matters of birth and death is a happy one

3. 'humane' as used in the passage means
A. wise
B. human
C. sensible
D. benevolent

4. 'We must consciously try to establish an equilibrium' implies that mankind must
A. realistically find an equation
B. strive not to be wasteful
C. deliberately try to fight nature
D. purposely find a balance

5. The main idea of this passage is that ___.
A. nature is heartless
B. man should control the birth rate
C. mankind will soon perish of starvation
D. man should change nature's course gradually

Instruction: For Questions 6-20, read Passage A and decide which word A, B, C or D bet fits each space.
 Waking up by 9:00am. I knew I was late to listen to the news 6 or the usual newspaper  7. A short while later, I heard the voice of a 8 making his daily 9 . I quickly dashed outside
and called him. He was carrying a heap of palm on his left arm but I  10  only two 11 of different dailies. I  12  the  13  and  14  of the papers and was surprised that none of the events. I considered 15 had been reported. I was however consoled by the realisation that the papers 16 enough reports about recent socio-political and sending in results of all league matches played the previous day. The ..19. in the papers were educative and informative and the 20 very funny and interesting.

6. A. analysis
B. broadcast
C. commentary
D. coverage

7. A. discussion
B. preview
C. review
D. sampling

8. A. journalist
B. news agent
C. reporter
D. vendor

9. A. call
B. round
C. run
D. shift

10. A. borrowed
B. collected
C. received
D. retrieved

11. A. copies
B. editions
C. titles
D. versions

12. A. cross-checked
B. perused
C. read
D. scanned

13. A. columns
B. headlines
C. sub-titles
D. titles

14. A. captions
B. editorials
C. headings
D. stories

15. A. interesting
B. newsworthy
C. relevant
D. sensational

16. A. carried
B. distributed
C. itemised
D. highlighted

17.  A. area
B. column
C. spread
D. zone

18.  A. contributions
B. correspondence
C. editors
D. reviewers

19.  A. advertisement
B. articles
C. issues
D. publications

20.  A. cartoons
B. jests
C. opinion
D. puzzle

Instruction: From the alternative A. —D, choose the word nearest in meaning to the underlined word.

21. The Liberian teacher with his myriad of problems is a thorn in
the flesh of the government
A. multitude
B. few
C. reduced
D. plenty

22. The aggression in Clara's speech made it clear that he was ready for anything
A. pride
B. force
C. calm
D. playfulness

23. The leader is grossly human relations
A. slightly
B. mainly
C. greatly
D. deficiently

24. Reasonable leadership hardly toy with fragile issues
A. unserious
B. hard
C. delicate
D. serious

25. The soldiers have problems on how to manage the spoils of war
A. pins
B. dead
C. spoilt
D. wounded

Instruction: From the alternative, choose the word nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined.
26. The accused was discharged and acquitted
A. freed
B. jailed
C. hailed
D. declared guilty

27. The general belief in most higher institutions in Nigeria that physical presence at lecture is very voluntary
A. mandatory
B. uninteresting
C. intentional
D. optional

28. The police officer gunned down the student by a mere accidental discharge.
A. chance
B. opportunity cost
C. intentionally
D. annoyance

29. John reactions to issues not in his favour are turbulent.
A. disturbing
B. tough
C. calm
D. humble

30. The woman has been declared ba
rren by medical science.
A. reich
B. infertile
C. fertile
D. unsuccessful

Instruction: Choose from the alternatives A —D which best fins the gap in the following sentences

31. The examinations will hold June.
A. on
B. at
C. in
D. during

32. Whenever a child is hungry, he cranky .
A. is
B. became
C. was
D. gets
33. He always sits the table to take lunch.
A. on
B. at
C. beside
D. in

34. The training me to perform brilliantly.
A. enable
B. help
C. enabled
D. got

35. The man, with his friend here
A. are
B. is
C. went
D. have

Instruction: Choose the word or group of words which best complete each of the following sentences.

36. No sooner had the teacher left the classroom
A. the children stared making a noise
B. when the children started making a noise
C. as the children started making a noise
D. than the
children started making a noise

37. This year's annual inter house sport was not well organised .
A. isn't it?
B. was it ?
C. is it?
D. wasn't it

38. On looking up the answer to the problem .
A. it was found that he was wrong
B. he was wrong
C. it was found to be wrong
D. he found that he was wrong

39. Mother is too old
A. for learning to read and write
B. to go to farm any more
C. that shy has to walk with a stick
D. then our village head

40. with him. I could easily understand why he had done it.
A. To have acquainted
B. Having acquainted
C. To be acquainted
D. Being acquainted


1. C

2. C
3. A
4. B
5. A
6. A
7. C
8. B
9. A
10. C
11. C
12. A
13. C
14. D
15. A
16. C
17. B
18. C
19. D
20. B
21. A
22. B
23. C
24. C
25. A
26. A
27. A
28. C
29. A
30. C
31. C
32. A
33. C
34. D
35. D
36. A
37. D
38. B
39. A
40. B