Thursday, 21 February 2019


1.    The focal length of a concave mirror is 2.0 cm . If an object is placed 8.0cm from it, the image is at __.
A. 2.7m 
B. 2.3m 
D. 2.0m

2.    PHCN measures is electrical energy in __.
A. Wh 
B. Kwh 
C. J 
D. W

3.    The resultant of two forces is 50N. If the forces are perpendicular to each other and one of them makes an angle 30° with the resultant. Find its magnitude? 
A. 100.0N 
B. 57.7N 
C. 25.0N 
D. 43.3N

4.    A piece of radioactive material contains 1000 atoms. If its half-life is 20 seconds, the time                    taken for 125 atoms to remain is __.
A. 20 seconds 
B. 40 seconds 
C. 60 seconds 
D. 80 seconds

5.    The correct expression for the potential at a point, distance r from a charge q, in a electric field is

6.    A typical transistor characteristic is represented as

7.    In a discharge tube, most of the gas is pumped out so that electricity is concluded at 
A. steady voltage 
B. high pressure 
C. low pressure
D. low voltage

8.    I. Moon II. Sun III. Street light IV. Stars Which of the above is a natural source of light? 
A. I, II and IV only 
B. I. II and III only 
C. III and IV only 
D. II and IV only

9.    An object placed at the bottom of a well full of clear water appears closer to the surface due to __.
A. refraction
B. reflection
C. am inverter 
D. a magnifier

10.A boy drags a bag of rice along a smooth horizontal flow with a force of 2N applied at an angle of 60° to the flow. The work done after a distance of 3m is __.
A. 6 J. 
B. 4 J 
C. 5 J 
D. 3 J

11.The spheres of masses 5.0kg and 10.0kg are 0.3m apart. Calculate the force of attraction between them?
A. 3.57 X  10-2 N
B. 3.71 X  10-8 N
C. 4.00 X  10-2 N
D. 3.50 X  10-10 N

12.When very hot water is poured into two identical thin and thick glass tumblers in equal volumes, the thick one cracks because __.
A. of the even expansion of glass
B. glass is a good conductor of heat
C. glass is a crystal 
D. of the uneven expansion of glass

13.The diagram above represents the stress-strain for atypical metal rod. What does X represent?         A. Yield point 
B. Breaking point 
C. Elastic limit 
D. proportional limit

14.Transverse waves can be distinguished from longitudinal waves using the characteristic of __.
A. diffraction 
B. reflection 
C. polarization
D. refraction

15.Which of the following pairs of light rays shows the widest separation in the spectrum of white light? 
A. Green and yellow
B. Blue and red 
C. Indigo and violet 
D. Orange and red
16. Which of the following graphs shows the correct vector diagram for the circuit above?

17.A transistor functions mainly as a __.
A. switch and an amplifier 
B. rectifier and an amplifier 
C. charge storer and a switch 
D. charge storer and an amplifier

18.A thin wire with heavy weights attached to both ends is hung over a block of ice resting on two supports. If the wire cuts through the ice block while the lock remains solid behind the wire, the process is called __.
A. fusion 
B. sublimation 
C. regelation 
D. condensation

19. The inner diameter of a small test tube can be measured accurately using a __.
A. micrometre screw gauge 
B. pair of Vernier callipers 
C. metre rule 
D. pair of dividers

20. A platinum resistance thermometer records 3.0W at 0°C and 8/0w at 100°C. If it records 6.0W in a certain environment, the temperature of the medium is __.
A. 60°C 
B. 80°C 
C. 50°C 
D. 30°C

21.In the diagram above, which of the angles  Ɵ1, Ɵ2, Ɵ3  and  Ɵ4 is the angle of deviation of a ray of light passing through XYZ? 
A. Ɵ2
B. Ɵ3
C. Ɵ1
D. Ɵ4

22. Which of the following is the dimension of pressure? 
     A. ML2 T-3
     B. MLT-2
     C. ML-1 T-2
     D. ML-3

23. A capacitor 8µF, is charged tp a potential difference of 100V. The energy stored by the capacitor is __.
A. 1.0 × 104 J
B. 4.0 × 10-2 J
C. 1.25 × 10 J
D. 8.0 × 10 J

24. Which of the following statements correctly describe(s) cathode rays? I. They consist of tiny particles carrying negative electric charges II. They are deflected in a magnetic field but not in an electric filed. III. They consist of fast-moving neutrons and deflected in an electric filed. 
A. I only 
B. III only 
C. I and II only 
D. II and III only

25. A concave mirror has a radius of curvature of 36cm. At what distance from the mirror should an object be placed to give a real image three times the size of the object? 
A. 12cm 
B. 24cm 
C. 48cm 
D. 108cm

26. The net capacitance in the circuit shown above is __.
A. 8.0 µF 
B. 6.0 µF 
C. 2.0 µF 
D. 4.0 µF

27. A sonometer wire of length 100cm under a tension of 10N, has a frequency of 250Hz. Keeping the length of the wire constant, the tension is adjusted to produce a new frequency of 350Hz. The new tension is __.
A. 5.1N 
B. 19.6N 
C. 14.0N 
D. 7.1N

28. In a sound wave in air, the adjacent rarefactions and compressions are separated by a distance of 17cm. If the velocity of the sound wave is 340ms-1
 Determine the frequency. 
A. 10Hz 
B. 20Hz 
C. 5780Hz 
D. 1000Hz

29. A note is called an octave of another note when __.
A. the notes have the same fundamental frequency 
B its frequency is half of the first note. 
C. its frequency is twice that of the first note 
D. its periodic time is twice that of the first note.

30. A metallic strip of iron and brass was heated. Which of the following diagrams accurately illustrated the shape of the strip after heating?

31. Which of the following is in a neutral equilibrium? 
A. A heavy weight suspended on a string 
B. The beam of a balance in use 
C. A heavy-based table lamp 
D. A cone resting on its slant edge

32. A convex mirror is used as a driving mirror because I. Its image is erect II. It has a large field of view III. It has a long focal length. Identify the CORRECT statement(s). 
A. I and III only 
B. I and II only 
C. II and III only 
D. I, II and III only

33. What is the cost of running five 50W lamps and four 100W lamps for 10 hours if electrical energy costs 2 kobo per kWh? 
A. 0.13 
B. 0.65 
C. 3.90 
D. 39.00  

34. The specific latent heat of vaporization of a substance is always __.
A. less than its specific latent heat of fusion 
B. equal to its specific latent heat of fusion 
C. greater than its specific latent of fusion 
D. all of the above depending on the nature of the substance

35. A hydrometer is an instrument for measuring the __.
A. depth off water in a vessel 
B. relative humidity of the air 
C. relative density of a liquid by finding the apparent loss in weight 
D. relative density of a liquid  by the method of flotation

36. A transformer has 300 turns of wire in the primary coil and 30 turns in the secondary coil. If the input voltage is 100 volts, the output voltage is __.
A. 10 volts 
B. 5 volts 
C. 15 volts 
D. 20 volts

37. The activity of a radioactive substance depends on __.
A. temperature and purity 
B. purity and age       
C. temperature and age 
D. age, purity and temperature

38. The speed of light in air is 3 x. If the refractive index of light from air-to-water is 4/3, then which of the following is the correct value of the speed of light in water?
A. 4 × 108 ms-1
B. 2.25 × 108 ms-1
C. 2.25 × 108 ms-2

B. 4/9 × 10-8 ms-1

39. A magnet is moved through a coil of wire. The e.m.f. produced in the wire depends on __.
A. the number of turns in the coil 
B. the strength of the magnet 
C. the speed at which the magnet is moved 
D. all of the above

40. A charge of one coulomb liberated 0.0033g of copper in an electrolytic process. How long will it take a current of 2A to liberate 1.98g of copper in such a process? 
A. 30 minutes 
B. 5 minutes 
C. 50 minutes 
D. 60 minutes


1.    A
2.    B
3.    D
4.    D
5.    A
6.    B
7.    C
8.    D
9.    A