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1. Which Physics Question Paper Type is given to you?
A. Type A            
B. Type B
C. Type C          
D. Type D

2. Two cars moving in the same direction have speeds of 100kmh-1 and 130kmh-1. What is the velocity of the faster car as measured by an observer in the slower car?
A. 130kmh-1
B. 230kmh-1
C. 200kmh-1      
D.  30kmh-1 

3. The diagram above shows a velocity-time graph. The statement that is true about this motion is that, the car __. 
A. decelerates between points F and H
B. accelerates between points F and G
C. has a constant speed between points E and F
D. has no acceleration between point F and G

4. A stone and a feather dropped from the same height above the earth surface. Ignoring air resistance, which of the following is correct?
A. The stone and feather will both reach the ground at the same time
B. The stone will reach the ground first
C. The feather will reach the ground first
D. The feather will be blown away by the wind while stone will drop steadily

5. A car moves with an initial velocity of 25ms-1 and reaches a velocity of 45ms-1 in 10s. What is the acceleration of the car?
A. 5ms-2              
B.  25ms-2
C.  20ms-2            
D. 2ms-2

6. An object is weighed at different locations on the earth. What will be the right observation?
A. Both the mass and weight vary
B. The weight is constant while the mass varies
C. The mass is constant while the weight varies
D. Both the mass and weight are constant


7. The diagram above represents balls in an undulating surface. Which of the following options represents positions of stale equilibrium?
A. II, V and VIII
B. I, IV and VII
C. III, VI and IX
D. III, IV and VII

8. A bob of weight 0.1N hangs from a massless string of length 50cm. A variable horizontal force which increases from zero is applied to pull the bob until the string makes an angle of 600 with the vertical. The work done is __.
A. 0.250 J          
B. 0.025 J
C. 0.050 J          
D. 0.500 J
9. The surfaces of conveyor belts are made rough so as to ___.
A. prevent the load from slipping
B. make them stronger
C. enable them to carry more load
D. protect them while carrying load

10. A machine of velocity ratio 6 requires an effort of 400N to raise a load of 800N through 1 m. Find the efficiency of the machine.
A. 50%               
B. 22.2%
C. 33.3%            
D. 55.6%

11. If a wire 30cm long is extended to 30.5cm by a force of 300 N. Find the strain energy of the wire.
A. 7.50 J              
B. 750.00 J
C. 75.00 J            
D. 0.75 J

12. In a hydraulic press, the pump piston exerts a pressure of 100 Pa on the liquid. What force is exerted in the second piston of cross-sectional area 3m2?
A. 200 N              
B. 100 N
C. 150 N
D. 300 N

13. The accurate measurement of the relative density of a substance in its powered form is done with a beam balance and __.
A. an eureka can
B. a burette
C. a pipette     
D. a density bottle

14. A hydrometer is an instrument used in measuring __.
A. density of liquid
B. relative density of a liquid
C. relative humidity of a liquid
D. vapour pressure of a fluid

15. One special advantage of alcohol water over mercury as a thermometric liquid is its __.
A. low freezing point
B. low boiling point
C. high specific heat capacity
D. low density

16. Two metals P and Q of lengths l1 and l2 are heated through the same temperature difference. If the ratio of the linear expansivities of P to Q is 2 : 3 and the ratio of their lengths is 3 : 4. What is the ratio of increase in lengths of P to Q?
A.  5 : 7
B.  2 : 1
C   1 : 2 
D.  7 : 5

17. The density of a certain oil on frying becomes 0.4kgm-3 with a volume of 20m-3. What will be its initial volume when its initial density is 0.8kgm-3 assuming no loss of oil due to spillage?
A.10 kgm-3        
B. 5 kgm-3
C. 8 kgm-3         
D. 12 kgm-3

18. Heat is radiated by all hot objects in the form of __.
A.  light energy
B.  solar energy
C.  infrared ray
D.  x-rays

19. If a container is filled with ice to the brim, what happens to the level of water when the ice completely melts?
A. The water in the glass outflows
B. The level of water drops
C. The level of water remains unchanged
D. The level of water goes up

20. The small droplet of water that forms on the grass in the early hours of the morning is __.
A. dew 
B. mist 
C. fog   
D. hail

21. A vapour is said to be saturated when __.
A. a dynamic equilibrium exists such that more molecules return to the liquid than are leaving it.
B. the vapour pressure is atmospheric
C. the temperature of the vapour varies
D. a dynamic equilibrium exists between liquid molecules and the vapour molecules

22. The pressure of one mole of an ideal gas of volume 10-2m3 at a temperature of 270C is
A. 2.24 x 104 Nm-2
B. 2.24 x 105 Nm-1
C. 2.49 x 105 Nm-1
D. 2.49 x 104 Nm-1
[Molar gas constant = 8.3 Jmol-1K-1]

23. Which of the following has no effect on radiation?
A. density
B. temperature
C. surface area
D. nature of the surface

24. The wavelength of a wave travelling with a velocity of 420ms-1 is 42 m. What is its period?
A. 1.0s
B. 0.1s
C. 0.5s
D. 1.2s

25. The sound of an electric bell dies down slowly when air is slowly pumped out from a bottle because ___.
A. sound cannot pass through the bottle
B. sound can pass through a vacuum
C. sound needs a material medium
D. the wavelength of sound becomes greater in the bottle

26. During a thunderstorm, the sound is heard over a long time. This phenomenon is referred to as __.
A. refraction of sound
B. reverberation
C. superposition
D. diffraction of sound

27. The velocity of sound in air at 160C is 340 ms-1. What will it be when the pressure is doubled and its temperature raised to 1270C?
A. 4,000ms-1    
B. 160,000 ms-1
C. 8,000 ms-1   
D. 400 ms-1

28. In comparing the camera and the human eye, the film of the camera functions as the
A. iris    
B. pupil
C. cornea          
D. retina

29. An object 4 cm high is placed 15 cm from a concave mirror of focal length 5 cm. The size of the image is ___.
A. 3 cm
B. 5 cm
C. 4 cm
D. 2 cm

30. An object is embedded in a block of ice, 10cm below the plane surface. If the refractive index of the ice is 1.50, the apparent depth of the object below the surface is
A. 67 cm            
B. 7.63 cm
C. 7.50 cm        
D. 2.50 cm

31. Which of the following is used for the correction of short-sightedness?
A. Concave lens
B. Concave mirror
C. Convex mirror
D. Convex lens

32. Dispersion occurs when white light passes through a glass prim because of the __.
A. different speeds of the colours in the glass
B. high density of the glass
C. defects in the glass
D. different hidden colours in the glass

33. When a positively charged rod is brought nearer the cap of a positively charged electroscope, the leaves divergence will __.
A. converge      
B. remain constant
C. diverge          
D. be induced

34. Three capacitors of capacitance, 2µF, 4µF and 8µF are connected in parallel and a
p.d of 6V is maintained across each capacitor, the total energy stored is __.
 A. 6.90 x 10-6 J  
 B. 6.90 x 10-4 J
 C. 2.52 x 10-4 J
D. 2.52 x 10-6 J

35. A cell of emf 12V and internal resistance 4Ω is connected to an external resistor of resistance 2 Ω Find the current flow.
A. 4 A
B. 2 A
C. 3 A
D. 5 A

36. The diagram above shows a balanced metre bridge the value of x is __.
A. 66.7 cm
B. 25.0 cm
C. 33.3 cm
D. 75.0 cm

37. Three 4 resistors connected in parallel have a potential difference of 16 v applied across them.  What is the total current in the circuit ?
A. 12 A
B. 8 A 
C. 10 A
D. 14 A

38. In the diagram above, a 200 W bulb is lighted by a 240 V a.c mains supply. If 1kWh is sold at 40, the cost of keeping the bulb lighted for a day is __. 
A. ₦ 192.00
B. ₦ 1.92
C.  19.20           
D.  1,920.00

39. Power supply is transmitted at a very high voltage and low current in order to __.
A. increase the power supply
B. prevent overheating of the coil
C. make it travel fast
D. make it pass through the transformers.


40. In the diagram above, if the south-poles of two magnets stroke a steel bar, the polarities at T and V will respectively be __.
A. north and south
B. south and south
C. north and north
D. south and north

41. A galvanometer with full-scale deflection of 10 mA is to be converted to a voltmeter with full-scale deflection of 5 V. If a series resistance of 498 is used for the conversion, the resistance of the galvanometer is  __.
A.  2   
B.  10Ω
C.  5
D. 1

42. Two inductors of inductances 5 mH and 15 mH are connected in series and a current of 5 A flows through them. The total energy stored in the inductors is ___.
 A. 250.0 J           
B. 50.0 J              
C. 62.5 J
D. 500.0 J

43. In alternating current circuit at resonance, the angle of lead or lag is ___.
A.  π°/2
B. 0°
C.  π°/3
D. π°

44. In Faraday’s law of electrolysis, a graph of mass deposited against the quantity of electricity is plotted. The slope of the graph gives __.
A. the electrochemical equivalent
B. the charge released
C. the current flowing
D. the energy released

45. In a discharge tube, most of the gas is pumped out so that electricity is conducted at
A. steady voltage
B. high pressure
C. high pressure
D. low voltage

46. The decays by emitting two alpha particles, three beta particles and a gamma ray. What is the mass and atomic numbers of the resulting daughter element?
A. 91 and 227 
B. 92 and 238
C. 227 and 91 
D. 215 and 88

47. The ground state energy for a hydrogen atom is 5.44 x 10-19 J. If an electron drops from zero to ground state, calculate the frequency of the emitted radiation.
A. 2.0 x 1015Hz   
B . 2.0 x 1015Hz
C. 5.0 x 1015Hz  
D. 5.0 x 1016Hz
[h = 6.6 x 10-34 Js]

48. Transistors are used for the __.
A. conversion of a.c. to d.c.         
B.  conversion of d.c. to a.c.
C. amplification of signals
D. rectification of signals

49. A typical transistor characteristic is represented as ___.

50. Which of the following is a pure semiconductor?
A. Silicon             
B. Phosphorus
C. Transistor
D. Carbon

1. B
2. D
3. D
4. A
5. D
6. C
7. C
8. B
9. A
10. C
11. D
12. D
13. D
14. A
15. A
16. C
17. A
18. C
19. B
20. A
21. D
22. C
23. A
24. C
25. D
26. B
27. D
28. D
29. D
30. A
31. A
32. A
33. C
34. C
35. B
36. C
37. A
38. A
39. B
40. C
41. A
42. A
43. A
44. A
45. B
46. A
47. No option
48. C
49. C