Monday, 25 February 2019

6 Simple Steps To Pass JAMB 2019

Do you really want to prepare and pass Jamb in two weeks, the following tips will help you achieve that:

  1. Study With Full Insight.
  2. Set A High Target Score.
  3. Be Enthusiastic To Pass The Examination.
  4. Use JAMB Recommended Textbooks And Syllabus.
  5. Make Good Use Of Past Questions.
  6. Connect With Like Minded Individuals.
I will now break down the points so that you will get the full understand of the message I am trying to pass across. Trust me, it is going to be very easy for you to understand and apply.

  1. Study With Full Insight
Since Jamb is now very close, you do not need to pay attention to every detail.

As you read, pick out the important points and neglect the rest. This will improve the rate at which you cover topics.

Stories in the textbook are to make you feel more comfortable and as well make the text interesting. They do not come out in the exam.

Now you may be asking, what about the recommended novel for Jamb use of English? It is true that the novel contains stories. Do not waste your time reading the Jamb novel. Focus on other subjects and topics.

However, pay more attention to the dates, characters and location in the novel. Questions there will come in the form of where, what, when and how.

During these few days to the exam, do not assume that you know any topic. Ensure that you visit every topic as fast as possible.

Do not waste time on any topic. Jot down the key points very fast and go back to them later for better understanding.

     2. Set A High Target Score.

Your GOAL determines how far you will GO. If your dream is too SHALLOW, you may end up tasting the SHADOW.

If you want to score very high in JAMB, you need to set a very high target score. Tell yourself, “I want to score above 350 in JAMB”.

But, here’s the catch.

You are likely to score below your target score. So, target a very high JAMB score. If you plan to score 360/400 in UTME, then you may end up with 320. Fairly high, isn’t it?

If you, however, target 300 in JAMB, then you may find yourself scoring 270-290. This is not a fallacy or my idea, it is what has happened over time.

     3. Be Enthusiastic To Pass The Examination.

To pass JAMB examination, you must be enthusiastic, determined and zealous. This point is also very important to smash the JAMB examination with 300+. First, I must let you know that JAMB examination is not an exam to come and gamble answers (As many people say). Don’t allow popular sayings brainwash you.

Sometimes you may feel like you should just forget preparing for JAMB since your friends have told you that “JAMB is an examination to gamble and pass”. But trust me, you are doing great harm to yourself. If you are enthusiastic about preparing for JAMB, you will definitely pass. And then, you will attest to the fact that JAMB is not gambling. They ask questions from the recommended textbooks they give to you. So, if you want to pass JAMB examination excellently, I advise you to start being more enthusiastic and optimistic to pass the examination.

     4. Use JAMB Recommended Textbooks And Syllabus.

I have said this before but I will say it again. It is your direction and not your intention that leads you to your destination. You want to pass JAMB but you don’t know where you are going or what you need to do in order to pass JAMB.

The JAMB syllabus is the first JAMB expo you can ever be given(there is one more which I will reveal to you later in this article). Try as much as possible to make the right use of it.

In the syllabus, you will find the list of topics you are required to cover for each subject. Trust me, you can also find likely questions in the JAMB syllabus if you use it tight.

Also,  If you want to prepare for JAMB and pass excellently, then there are no substitutes for good textbooks. But, here’s the question. How do you find the best textbooks to read for JAMB and pass?

Simple, the best way is to check JAMB recommended textbooks for each subject. These textbooks have been properly reviewed and found to be good enough to pass JAMB.

But, here’s the catch!

I didn’t review and suggest them, they JAMB board did!.

So, tell me. Do you think the board will ever review a textbook that does not meet the standard of its examination? Definitely not!

Another way to find out very good textbooks to prepare for JAMB is by asking those that have done JAMB and passed excellently. Make sure you get recommendations from more than one reliable source and compare your findings.

Then, you can easily find out which textbook has been used by many candidates and helped them well.

    5. Make Good Use Of Past Questions.

In your present state, seek the past, acquire knowledge and, bam! You are set for an enviable future. If you’ve never skimmed through any past question, I tell you, you aren’t prepared at all. Now, if you’ve skimmed through without studying and trying the questions, man you’re still lagging behind.

When I say ‘studying’, I mean understanding the ethics behind JAMB’s method of questioning, solving, taking note of the corrections and pointing out the recurrent questions. I’d advise that you cover at least 8 previous years of past questions in each of your subject.

     6. Connect With Like Minded Individuals.

The people you roll with will determine how you will perform in JAMB 2019/2020. If you really want to score above 300 in JAMB, you need to surround yourself with people with like minds.

In fact, this will not only help to boost your interest in reading, but it will also help you to remember more. You know why? You get to discuss some topics with them and hence, retain more.