Friday, 8 June 2018

AAUEKPOMA Begins 2018 NYSC Batch ‘B’ Mobilization Exercise

This is to inform all Heads of Department that preparation for the NYSC 2018 Batch ‘B’ mobilization exercise has commenced.
Consequently, Heads of Department who have not obtained their user name and password are please requested to come to the Students’ Affairs Division with their Laptops and Moderm to enable us create User name and Password for them, and also those that already obtained their user name and password are to forward their soft and hard copies of Bio-Data of all their students whose final degree examination results had been approved by Senate but were not previously mobilized for service to the Students’ Affairs Division. Detailed guidelines are as follows:
  1. That each Head of Department should forward the Bio-data of their students whose final Degree Results had been approved by Senate to the Dean of Students. Such Bio-data must be in accordance with each Batch of Result in a given Academic Session.
  2. That the Dean, Faculty of Clinical Sciences and Head, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, should please, forward only the Bio-data of their students who will be completing their housemanship/internship by the 1st week of August, 2018 or those with evidence of completing theirs.
  3. That the Bio-data of each student should be obtained from the student’s personal file as submitted on admission to the Department.
  4. That the Head of Department should not accept or forward the name of any student found to have mutilated his/her date of birth in the eligibility form in the personal file. Such students should be referred to the Student Affairs Officer.
  5. That the Head of Department should personally sign each page of the Bio-data list before submission.
  6. That each Batch of Senate Approved Result for any particular Academic Session should be attached to each of the Bio-data list (for guidance only).
  7. That on no account should a student whose bio-data was earlier submitted to the Students’ Affairs Division by the Department or who was previously mobilized by NYSC or exempted for any reason, be included on the required list. Such students should be referred to the Students’ Affairs Officer for revalidation or counseling.
  8. That on no account should a student who had been expelled, suspended, rusticated, withdrawn or facing any disciplinary action, be included on the list by the Head of Department.
  9. That the Bio-data list and the Senate approved result of Part-Time or Sandwich Students be collated separately Batch by Batch, in accordance with each Academic Session and forward same to the Dean of Students to enable the NYSC process their Exemption/Exclusion Certificates.
  10. That Part-Time/Sandwich Students do not need Jamb registration number for NYSC mobilization.
  11. That any married woman desirous of concessional posting be requested to see the Student Affairs Officer with an Application, Marriage Certificate, Newspaper Publication of change of name and a letter from her husband’s employer.
  12. That such married women whose husbands are self-employed are requested to obtain such letters from the Local Government Secretariat where their husbands reside.
  13. That all Heads of Department are advised to personally handle the Bio-data list of their students, as any overage student mobilized for service would be traced to the Head of Department concerned.
  14. That any Head of Department who is in doubt of any aspect of the above guidelines should see the Senior Assistant Registrar (Students) or Data Entry Officer for clarification.
  15. That any submission not in conformity with the above guidelines will not be accepted by the Division.
  16. That NYSC has designed a Platform for all Departments of all Corps Producing Institutions. Hence, all the Heads of Departments or their representative should come to Students’ Affairs Division to obtain their User Account and password for data entry from 21st May to 25th of June 2018. All such entries should reach the Dean of Students on or before Friday, 29th June 2018, without fail.

Expedite action to avoid not mobilizing your students, please.
Thank you.
F.O. Omoigui
Senior Assistant Registrar/SAO (Students)
For: Dean of Students

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